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Played RPG enough? time to play Ball playing game. Actually you control a ball to reach the destination. The mechanics are totally Physics based and feel like real life experience, the USP of the game is it's incredible physics engine of Unreal Engine 4.

Controls are pretty straight forward & simple, you get Joystick to control the ball and anywhere click on the screen to jump, but of course it must touch the ground for successful jumping. I don't need to help much because the ball should be behave similar to a real life ball. You need to care about the angular velocity too, not just linear velocity because you know what happens to a ball when it bounce on the ground having a rotation. Anytime quick save (30sec gap to stop spamming though) & instant quick load to help you save your progress at any where until the game is over or exit. Instant Load & save on HUD, It does not takes time to load or save.

This is the very first version of this game and it's pretty much UNDER DEVELOPMENT, only consist one level at this moment, but I'll keep adding new levels and improve existing levels too. You don't have to pay again and again, once paid, you'll have access to all those upcoming versions, infect this game will be free on Google play store after some undefined time, consider this as donation to support and early access to the game. The basic minimum price is 1$ but if you wanna support the game, you may pay more or participate in development actively by providing thoughtful feedback, suggestion and bug reports. You can make a thread below or reply to existing one. You'll also get close beta key when this game will have close beta release on Google play store.

Highlights :

+ Incredible physics of Unreal Engine 4 behind the game.
+ Not much learning curve, similar to real life experience with a ball.
+ Simple & nice user interface & controls
+ One tap instant load (takes no time)
+ One tap instant save at anywhere (30sec gap to prevent spamming)
+ On going development and level adding.
+ Ur Suggestions are valuable and may be implemented.

Controls :

Joystick to move around

Anywhere on screen tap to jump [possible only if the ball has contact with ground]

On Screen menu Quick Save : Instant Save [until game over or exit, 30Sec gap between saves]

On Screen menu Quick Load : Instant Load [Takes no time to load]

Download & Install Instructions :

Download the apk file [All included in single APK file, no data file], read the permission and Install. Make sure you have enabled Unknown sources in the security settings. If you don't wanna install from unknown sources, but you've purchased the game here, Soon you'll get the key [when published, close beta on Google Play store] for closed beta & then you'll be able to access the game from Google play store.

Published Dec 13, 2016
StatusIn development
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Physics, Unreal Engine
Average sessionA few minutes